We stock a full inventory of lumber and timber products in both common and clear grades. We manufacture boards 1 ” and 5/4”, dimension from 2 to 6 inches thick, and timbers from 6 x 6 thru 16 x 16 up to 40' (longer lengths occasionally available). We can mill full sized dimensions, rough sawn, dressed four sides, tongue & groove, chamfer, bevel, scarf, shiplap, mortise and tenon, dado cuts, center matched, V-joint, knee braces, and rafter tails. We can also do custom milling as per your design and specification. We have supplied our products to wholesale and retail lumber yards up and down the east coast. Most importantly, no order is too large or small. More often than not our orders for lumber yards are for two, five, or twenty pieces of an item not readily available, if at all, from other suppliers.

Milling: Milling Lumber & Timber to your unique specifications and requirements. 

Fabricating: Saving you the labor and time. We produce fabricated products such as; Post and Beam systems, Interlocking Landscape ties, Park Bench stock, Horse Fence, Guard Rail systems, and Pergola's, to name a few. We are creative, our sawyers and planers and fabricators can make almost anything out of wood. We can cut and mill the entire order and package it for you. 

Grading: Boro Sawmill & Timber Company is a grading mill under the auspices of Timber Products Inspection (TPI). Grading to WCLIB, SPIB, PLIB, WWPA, and NeLMA requirements. Certificates and Grade Stamping available. For more information about grading visit our Design Values & Grading page.

Manufacturing: Timber Truss, Framing, Roof Decking, Guard Rail, Fencing, Rafter Tails, Arbors, Pergola's and other Specialty Products. 

FSC®: Boro Sawmill & Timber Company is FSC® certified;

  • License Number: FSC-C112704
  • Certificate Code: TT-COC-004276

For more information visit:  www.fsc.org

Boro Sawmill & Timber Co. 139 Ryerson Avenue Wayne, New Jersey 07470 • (973)-832-4607
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