Douglas Fir


Douglas Fir is known for its distinctive natural attributes; Incredible strength, durability, and beauty. It is golden-orange in color and known for its quality and range of grades and characteristics, including its exceptionally straight - and fine-grained fiber. Douglas Fir is ideal for a wide variety of uses - from decorative doors and windows to a wide range of commercial and industrial applications, including framing and structural timbers. Designers, architects, and consumers choose Douglas Fir products when they want the best in structural ability and for a clear, tight, straight, grain. Douglas Fir products are also excellent for applications where a fine, knotty material is required. Boro Sawmill & Timber Company can manufacture a wide range of sizes, shapes, and patterns to meet any need. Also, lengths that we sell are from 6 to 60 feet (2 to 18m), sizes that are up to 40'' x 40'', diameters that range from 15 to 74 inches (38 to 190 cm), and we also do custom cutting of specialty timber.