French White Oak


The finest “French oak” actually comes from the Spessart forest in Germany, a forest that has been carefully managed for three hundred years and should be used as the model for worldwide sustainable hardwood management. This is a forest in which trees will only be harvested when they are fully mature, a process in white oak that takes two to three hundred years. The harvesting is done very carefully to be unobtrusive to recreational users of this resource. At the annual Spessart log auction, the bidders represent the top veneer, wine barrel makers and lumber companies in Europe, competing for this limited outstanding product. ‘French White Oak’ is known for:


- The finest textured white oak

- Golden brown color very close to old-growth North American white oak

- Used for fine veneers and the best wine barrels


Boro Sawmill & Timber Company can offer 6-foot diameter French White Oak wine barrel tops. These barrel tops are reclaimed from an old winery and are 120 years old. Many customers have used them for tables or have them engraved or carved and use them for wall hangings. We can offer them as a table top alone or have legs custom made.